Imogen Heap: Ellipse Review

Ok, because I’m feeling lazy right now, look at my previous Imogen Heap review for the warnings (the copy protection one does not apply here).

Imogen’s third album, “Ellipse” is a cousin more than a sibling of its predecessor. For some, this is a good thing. For others, it’s bad. “Ellipse” is a little more down-to-earth than Speak For Yourself, and it feels heavier as a whole. It’s nothing too drastic, but it’s enough of a change to split people’s opinions on it. So where do I stand? Let’s get into it!


1. First Train Home – 7/10

This song doesn’t really interest me. The instrumental is wonderful, as always, but the song feels a little too monotonous. It’s not terrible by any means – in fact it can be rather catchy. It’s just kind of blah to listen to. The lyrics are wonderful (when they’re not repeating…) and they really give you a taste of this albums strong suit – its poetic lyrics that I daresay rival that of “Hide and Seek.”

Favorite Line: “Temporal deadzone where clocks are barely breathing./Yet no-one cares to notice for all the yelling, all night clamor to hold it together.” [If you think that’s good, this is just a song about a party. Some songs are even better and deeper.]


2. Wait It Out 8/10

This song is a very very distant relative of Hide and Seek. The lyrics sound similar “Where do we go from here – how do we carry on? vs. ‘Hide and Seek’s’ “Where are we? What the hell is going on?”, and this feels eerily like a spiritual successor; although it’s not likely it’s about the same subject it almost feels like a lot of the lyrics could be trying to paint the picture that “Hide and Seek” was the initial shock of {SPOILER ALERT} the divorce of Immi’s parents, and this song is the period where she tries to get on with her life. I think Imogen noticed this (or maybe this whole song was based on it to begin with) because she brought back the vocoder for the last 30 seconds of this song.

Ok, MegaSupernova’s ramble is now over, now on to quality of the song itself. It’s a very low-key song that presents itself very modestly with a hint of desperation, which is very cool to experience. The instruments feel just a tad off to me in some places, but a great majority of the song sounds just fine – and I have a feeling the off feeling is a purposeful design choice on Immi’s part. The lyrics are great as always, but not as powerful as some of the other songs on this album.

Favorite Line: “Everybody says that time heals everything/But what of the wretched hollow?”


3. Earth 6/10

I feel really bad for giving this song such a low score because you can definitely tell a TON of work went into this song. Imogen has gone on record saying that she recorded over 100 vocal tracks in this a cappella song. Now that’s dedication if I ever saw it! It’s tight and definitely a work of art and a labor of love, but the lyrics feel weak to me and the sound just isn’t for me. I still appreciate it for what it does, though.

Favorite Line: “This is not a fire drill and/If we hold any hope/It’s harmonic connection”


4. Little Bird 9.5/10

Ah, the “.5.” I don’t like to use it because I feel it overcomplicates, but alas, I’m going to use it at least a couple times in this review. This song is beautiful. It’s such a quiet and creepy, but sweet song. This song, from my viewpoint, is also about Immi’s parents’ divorce. The lyrics are just as, if not more, wonderfully poetic than those of “Hide and Seek.” The instrumentation is perfectly bare-bones, just enough to keep you grounded, but hollow and empty enough to pierce right through you. The chords are brilliant as well, with majors and minors being thrown around everywhere that reflect the toying with of emotions. It’s great.

Favorite Lines [This song is just too good for 1]: “Little bird, little bird, little bird/What do you see?/A picture perfect scene/Two toned lawns are manicured/The gardens wearing haute couture/It’s hiding something/It’s trying too hard/Hiding something/It’s trying too hard” ; “Little bird, little bird, little bird/What do you hear?/The clink of morning cheers/Orange juice concentrate/Crossword puzzles start to grate/One across, four letter word; it’s just not sitting” ; “I’ve got one more question [repeated a lot]/Little bird, little bird, little bird/Where have you gone?”

5. Swoon 9.5/10

This song is very bouncy and frankly, a bit sassy. It has a great spunk to it and sets the tone well. The song is head-bashingly catchy; mostly the verses and especially the bridge. I can’t tell you how strong the impulse is to belt out the bridge randomly when you’ve heard it; it’s a perfect earworm. The lyrics are well-crafted for the most part, but I feel the chorus lacks in this department. It’s not that the chorus lyrics aren’t creative, it’s just that they don’t flow well. The bridge is amazing for its bluntness, however.

Favorite Line: “Let me be the Great Scott, tip-top, pit stop in your ocean/I could be the shipmate what got you down and dirty with the lotion” [And yes, that was the blunt bridge XD]


6. Tidal 7.5/10

This song is so well-crafted, but so awkward at the same time. The strings are wonderful and the rest of the instruments are quality, but the melody goes everywhere. The lyrics are pretty good, as expected. There’s really not much to say.

Favorite Line: “Do it for England/Do it for love/Do it for us/Do it for goodness sake/Do it for all the times we wished we had”


7. Between Sheets 6.75/10 [I’m sorry, I’m torn about how to rate this song!]

This song feels very unnecessary to me. Maybe I’m just missing something, but I feel it’s rather boring and feels too much like filler. I’m pretty indifferent to it.

Favorite Line: “I couldn’t care less I’m transfixed in this absolute bliss”


8. 2 – 1 10/10

This song is incredible. The lyrics, first of all, are so mind-blowingly creative. She references polyfilla, which is also a reference to the term “God of the gaps.” She uses polyfilla as a metaphor for religion (well, at least how I see it anyway), as if it’s trying to cover up the holes of things we don’t understand quite yet, and that as time goes on we don’t need it. Polyfilla is a plaster, and its ratio of plaster to water is… you guessed it! 2:1. And of course, she sneaks in “The gods lost 2 – 1” to throw in another way to connect it all. It’s extremely clever. The instruments are absolutely wonderful, and they become so tight at the end that it’s noteworthy how precise and crisp the whole piece sounds. It’s almost too perfect!

Favorite Line: “At first the Earth was flat/But it fattened up when we didn’t fall off/Now we spin laps ’round the sun.”


9. Bad Body Double 8.5/10

OK, if “Swoon” is sassy, this song is the Queen of Sass. The lyrics are so damn cheeky that it’s just impossible not to smile at them. The song is all about body image, and how as Imogen grows older she has to deal with not looking like the image she wants to all the time. So her reflection is her “Bad Body Double.” And as if the lyrics weren’t sassy enough for you, that snare sound? That’s no drum – that is, as songfacts puts it, “Imogen’s bare buttocks.” Again, according to songfacts, she said she did it alone in the studio late at night, laughing at how crazy it was. The instruments and melody are fine, but the attitude this song has really makes it shine.

Favorite Line: ” *deep breath* Holding it in,/If it makes you feel better, then knock yourself out.”


10. Aha! 10/10

This song is so… darn… catchy!! It’s devilishly rhythmic and the melody is crafted so well. I also love the strings in the bridge. The regular instruments are cool too, and allegedly that cool riff that plays in the intro is actually a jack-in-the-box that’s gone through the magic of Immi’s editing skills. The lyrics are very clever, and so is the whole song; it’s supposedly about hypocrites. For example, the first verse is about Imogen’s friend who claimed she was going on a wheat-free diet (wheat, meat, dairy-free…) and then reached for a biscuit, (caught you red-handed in the biscuit tin). But the best part about the song’s meaning is that in one of Imogen’s vlogs, she stated that she wasn’t going to use piano in this song to let it breathe better. And the very last sound you hear in the song is Imogen banging on the piano. It’s a very clever way of sneaking in the message, almost as a post-script, “Yeah, we can make fun of people for being hypocritical but, come on, we all are!” This song is just very tight and fun to listen to. Too bad it’s so short!

Favorite Line: “Wheat, meat, dairy-free, teetotal, happy-clappy/High on life/You should try it”


11. The Fire ?/10

I’m not going to rate this because it doesn’t have lyrics, and that is a crucial part of my factoring of a song. I will say, however, that it’s a wonderful ambience piece!


12. Canvas 8/10

This song has a very different feel to it, and it sets a very good tone. It’s slow-moving, and almost tribal sounding. It’s very cool, but I don’t have much to say about it.

Favorite Line: “The more you lose the less you see,/So close your eyes and start to breathe,/Oh you said yourself, this wasn’t easy.”


13. Half Life 9.5/10

This is a really sweet song. It’s so cute it’s irresistible and it’s terribly sad, but it’s a strange sort of uplifting sad feeling it provokes. I can’t find the words to describe this song well, so you’ll just have to take a listen. It’s truly a great song and let me just say, it was one of the main reasons why I bought this album so quickly after I had bought “Speak For Yourself” (and at that point it hadn’t grown on me much yet). It’s a wonderful, wonderful song.

Favorite Lines {Yes, three again}: “The stickler is you’ve played not one beat wrong/You never promised me anything/Even sat me down, warned me just how they fall/And I knew the odds were I’d never win” ; “It’s a half life/With you as my quarterback/A daft life” ; “There may well be others but I still like to pretend/That I’m the one you really want to grow old with”


Overall Rating: 8.3/10 – “Ellipse” is a wonderful album that expands upon what “Speak For Yourself” started, and definitely for the better. Imogen’s sound is now tighter than ever and will hopefully stay that way. I definitely recommend you get this album, but please check the warnings on my “Speak For Yourself” review first! (Once again, the copy protection one does not apply!)


Imogen Heap: Speak For Yourself Review

Imogen Heap: A unique and very eccentric recording artist who does all of the work on her songs on her own with no extra help during the process. Her second album, “Speak For Yourself,” is her first step into her new-age sound, after the more organic “iMegaphone.” So how does this album speak for itself? Let’s get into it!

{2 Notes before I start this review:

– A great number of the “Speak For Yourself” hard copy albums are copy-protected, meaning they can’t be used in computers. I recommend buying a digital copy.

– If you don’t like the songs the first time around, I strongly recommend giving them a few days and coming back to them. Imogen is the kind of artist that really needs to grow on you.}


1. Headlock 8/10

This song really shows what you’re in for on this album. It has a very out-there sound that is very odd but will get stuck in your head. The sudden blast of sound in the middle of the song is a nice touch as well.

Favorite Line: “We’re a different pair, do something out of step/Throw a stranger an unexpected smile.”


2. Goodnight and Go 6/10

This one isn’t very interesting. No matter how many times I come back to it, it feels very unmelodious and forced. It’s okay, but definitely not the strongest one on the album. It’s B-Side, “Speeding Cars,” is infinitely better, but that’s for another review. =)

Favorite Line: “And then I’m left in bits, recovering tectonic tremblings”


3. Have You Got It In You? 8/10

This song will just get stuck in your head no matter what. You’ll find yourself singing the verses throughout the day and you’ll get urges to belt out the infectiously perfect chorus. Even though it’s so great melody-wise, there’s something missing in the song. Maybe it’s that it feels to repetitive, or that the instruments don’t quite work all of the time, which is a rarity for Imogen, who has perfectly composed instrumentals. It’s still a great song nonetheless.

Favorite Line: “Been one of those days/Safety first, don’t push… what’s the hurry?”


4. Loose Ends 7/10

Loose Ends is one of those songs that you love but aren’t very fond of at the same time. I really like the vocal scats and the instrumentation, but sometimes it feels to be a little too much, especially by the last chorus. Although, I must admit, the random electric guitar that comes in towards the end is pretty cool.

Favorite Line: “We’re kissing without kissing… Got it down to a fine art.”


5. Hide And Seek 11/10

No, that’s not a typo. This song surpasses perfect for me, no exaggeration. This is tied with a few other songs for my absolute favorite song of all time. It’s all so perfect. Unfortunately, this song is a hit-or-miss for most people; some (like me) think it’s a masterpiece while others call it a stupid song that takes itself too seriously. According to rumor, Imogen wrote this about her parent’s divorce when she was 12 and how it affected her. Its lyrics are wonderfully poetic, and the instrumentation (which is only a vocoder) adds a certain bare-bones power to the tune. This is one of the only songs that’s moved me to tears. It’s fantastic.

Favorite Line: “Oily marks appear on walls where pleasure moments hung before”


6. Clear the Area 7/10

This falls into the same category as “Loose Ends.” It’s a good song, but something feels off. The tinkly sound is very catchy but is annoying at the same time. It’s a hard song to comment on because it’s so conflicted.

Favorite Line: “Knock knock, are you alone?/No-one’s out here and I was not followed.”


7. Daylight Robbery 8.5/10

I normally try to keep my scores whole numbers, but I couldn’t for this song. It’s a silly song, but it knows that and it takes that and runs with it. The weird synth voice at the beginning lets you know what you’re in for. The chorus is quite possibly more catchy than “Have You Got It In You?” And the chord progression is genius. The use of electric guitar is a nice contrasts to the synths in the rest of the song. But it has its downsides, like the downright unnecessary squeaky, trippy drum set following the chorus. It really detracts from the dance appeal of the song.

Favorite Line: “Excess is the new moderation”


8. The Walk 9/10

This not-quite ballad has a very cool feel to it. It has piano and string scats that pop up throughout the song to contrast a drum set and, of course, an electric guitar that appears randomly in the song. Notice a pattern here? But honestly, the piano and string bits are to die for.

Favorite Line: “Oh, I was doing so well, can we just be friends?/I feel a weakness coming on.”


9. Just For Now 8//10

A fan favorite, “Just For Now” showcases Immi’s love for vocal-oriented songs. Besides the entrancing vocals that flow beautifully throughout the song, there’s nothing much to say about this song. It has some interesting chords, but the melody is nothing too special.

Favorite Line: “I know we’ve all had a bumpy ride/I’m secretly on your side”


10. I Am In Love With You 8/10

This is close to being a 9, as are most of the songs on this albums that I list as 8’s. This is a very blunt song, to put it politely. (Spoiler Alert: It’s about a one-night stand.) Although it could be more outward, actually; the demo version had the line “I want to f*** you” randomly in the middle of the song. The vocals are great in this, though: From a raw-ish sound at the beginning to the backwards-reverb scats in the middle to the siren dit Imogen does towards the end. And I guarantee that base synth at the beginning will get stuck in your head.

Favorite Line: “I am in love with you… yeah/At least for the moment.”


11. Closing In 8/10

I take back my previous statement; this one exception is closer to a 7. It has wonderful instrumentation with a beautiful piano part and the verse and bridge melodies are great. The chorus just doesn’t sound very good melody-wise, though. It’s still a very good song, though.

Favorite Line: “I just have to kiss you… try and stop me”


12. The Moment I Said It 9/10

This song is a great ballad song and a good way to close off the album. It’s beautifully done, but it kind of drags on. The lyrics are very powerful though, as are in most Immi songs.

Favorite Line: All of it. The lyrics are that good in this song.


Overall: 8/10

“Speak For Yourself” is a great album for Imogen Heap. Although it occasionally suffers from lacking melodies and overpowering instrumentals, it mostly hits the mark and offers a decent range of different songs styles. It also has a different element added in each song to keep your ears interested. I would recommend this album, but as stated in the notes at the beginning, listen to it a couple times before you buy or you might be disappointed.



Latin All Around You: Some Words and Situations That Prove Latin is Useful

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people discredit Latin as a useful language just because it isn’t spoken. And how it infuriates me! Latin can be extremely useful in any romance language to gain a deeper understanding of words.


First, let’s look at some examples of everyday words that derive directly from Latin.

describe – “de” about and “scribe” write. “Write about.”

suicide – “sui” oneself and “caedere” to kill. [Note: ae in Latin often changes to i or e in English.] “To kill oneself.”

perfect – “per” completely and “facere” to do. “To do completely.”

village – “villa” house. “House.”

antique – “antiqua” old. “Old.”

comprehend – “com” together and “prehendere” to grasp. “To grasp together.”


Those are just few of many. Now, here are some less used words that you could find the meaning of if you knew Latin:

valetudinarian (a person afraid of being or becoming ill) – “valetudinarium” meaning “hospital.”

peninsula (a land mass surrounded by water on 3 sides) – “paene” almost and “insula” an island. “Almost an island.”

blandish (to coax someone with flattery) – “blandus” meaning “soft or smooth.”

jocular (fond of joking; humorous or playful) – “iocus” meaning “joke.” [Note: Consonantal I’s often change to J’s from Latin]

ebullient (full of energy) – “e” out of and “bullire” to boil. “To boil out of.” (As if energy was boiling over)

belligerent (hostile; agressive) – from “bellum” meaning “war.”


Latin can even help you get a deeper understanding of words that you already know. I can only think of one example for now, but you’ll come across several of these.

What’s the difference between “diligently” and “meticulously?” None, right? They both mean to work carefully. WRONG! There is a difference. “Diligently” comes from the Latin “diligentia,” meaning “earnestness or carefulness.” “Meticulously” derives from the Latin word “metus,” meaning “fear.” So if you work diligently, you honestly care about what you’re doing. If you work meticulously, you’re doing it because you fear what will happen if you don’t.


So yes, in short, Latin IS useful. To the Latin scholars out there, was there ever a time Latin really helped you in a pickle? For all the non-Latin students, what’s your opinion about my statements?

What Could Have Made Mario Party: Island Tour Better

Many a Mario fan were disappointed at the release of the newest Mario Party game, Island Tour. Personally, I thought the game was wonderful but suffered from a lack of options, or depth may be a better way to describe it. There’s so little to the game for such a big franchise that it’s a little disheartening. Nonetheless, it’s still a solid game but here are 5 things I would have added to Mario Party: Island Tour.

Note: I realize some of these may not be possible due to hardware limitations. However, this game, if my memory serves, takes up ~1,000 blocks of memory on an SD card whereas some games take up over 3,000.


5. Add Online Play.

Quite frankly, I could care less about online play. I don’t see the appeal of playing with strangers. I guess it would be useful if they did what they put into Mario Tennis Open where you could specifically play with your friends. I don’t mind that it wasn’t added in, but I probably would have used the feature had they included it. The main reason why I say this is because practically EVERYONE wanted online play and I think that really hurt the sales of the game.


4. Include More Minigames.

Okay, there are over 80 new minigames in IT. However, this game is hailed for its stunning and captivating minigames, so it would have been nice to see more. Not so much of the “general” minigames, but a handful of “1-vs.-rivals” games that were sorely absent and a few more boss battles would have been nice. They really show how phenomenal minigames can be with the 3DS wide range of control options, so I think that they could have added more. Once again, I’m content with the minigames, but naturally my smaller quibbles will fall under the lower end of the top 5.


3. Include a Bigger Roster.

Okay, my last post should have given this one away. I’m a huge character buff, so having a large roster is essential for me. I’m not too bothered by the 10 characters they did have, but they could have added so many more people. If hardware/time limitations dictated the inclusion of only one or two more characters, I probably would have picked Rosalina and Shy Guy. [If Shy Guy’s Shuffle City interfered, I would have put in Birdo instead.]


2. Add More Mingame Modes.

One of the biggest disappointments about this game is the tiny minigame mode. There are only 3 modes to choose from: “Free Play,” “Time Attack” (A short single-player challenge) and “Hot-Air Hijinks” (A classic win-a-certain-number-of-minigames modes). I would have added at LEAST two more modes. What about those modes from previous Mario Parties where the better you do in a mingame, the closer you get to completing a task? Some examples are the “Garden Battle” from Mario Party 9, “Flip-out Frenzy” from Mario Party 8 and “Treetop Bingo” from Mario Party 6. Then, I would have included another unique mini-game mode. At that point I wouldn’t care; I would even reuse “Choice Challenge” from Mario Party 9 or maybe even make a multiplayer version of “Time Attack,” similar to the Mini-game Decathlon games found on Mario Parties 5, 6, 7, and DS. The minigames are my favorite part of the game, give them some more attention!!


1. Tweak the Game Boards.

Winning over my gripe against the minigame mode by just a hair, I would suggest tweaking the game boards. Most of them are fine; but they should have made Shy Guy’s Shuffle City a game available for solo gamers, too. I’ve watched playthroughs of it; although it may be less enjoyable alone, it should still remain an option. That board looked the most fun to me during promotion and I still haven’t been able to play it due to lack of friends with a 3DS. Also, I would have added two more boards, just because they’re so quick and get stale fast. I would have added another board like “Perilous Palace Path.” Critics and casual gamers alike seemed to praise that one the most, so adding a new board with a totally different layout (and maybe some new items) would please players. I then would have also added another board like “Kamek’s Carpet Ride.” That board seems to be the most strategic to me, so it would make sense to have another board like that for more experienced players. But I would make the next board LONGER. “Kamek’s Carpet Ride” takes me usually 20 minutes or less and really sucks all the fun out of it.


So, all in all, I think Mario Party: Island Tour is a great game that just suffers from a lack of varied features. Maybe Nintendo will take the hint and make some DLC with things like this included, but that’s foolishly optimistic of me. The sales are bad enough right now, so investing resources into making DLC that only probably 1/3 of the customers would buy in the first place is pointless.


Well, those are my thoughts. Leave a comment below telling me what you would change!

Mario Kart 8 Character Analysis

Okay, this one is going to be a quickie. So, I’m a huge fan of video games, in case you couldn’t tell, and as everyone does, I have a favorite aspect of games. Some people like graphics, some music, and some easter eggs. But my favorite is character roster. I don’t know why I love this so much, but I do. So without further ado…


Current Mario Kart 8 Roster:












Koopa Troopa


Baby Mario

Baby Luigi

Baby Peach

Baby Daisy

Larry Koopa

Morton Koopa Jr.

Kootie Pie (aka Wendy O. Koopa, I like her old name better)

Iggy Koopa

Roy Koopa

Lemmy Koopa

Ludwig Von Koopa


This is a pretty decent roster so far, but I predict extra characters for this game, maybe boosting the roster to 30. Here are my dream characters for this game:

Dry Bowser


Professor E. Gadd

King Boo


Luma (Most likely NOT happening)

Shy Guy

Blooper (Probably Not)

Diddy Kong

Funky Kong




The 7 Star Spirits

Bow [from Paper Mario]


Now some of these characters are almost guaranteed not to be in the game, so here are my 6 most realistic characters:


Hammer Bro


Diddy Kong

Dry Bowser

Shy Guy


Well, that’s it. I really can’t elaborate any more. Catch you guys later!!

My Little Pony: Expect the Unexpected

Okay, this is going to sound crazy, but hear me out.


I would be the first person to roll my eyes at someone who would have admitted they’re a brony. I would either have labelled them a troll or disturbed. I never thought that I would be one…


So here’s how my story goes. One day, I was watching a bunch of videos from a random YouTuber who reviewed TV shows. I thought his content was quality, so I went to his channel to check out more of his videos. Then I saw MLP: FiM in his videos. At this point, I decided to actually watch one of his reviews, guessing he’d deride it. It was the complete opposite! When he showed clips of the video, I really liked the characters. Their voices were all wonderfully acted, they all had personality and the dialog was fluid. Plus, I felt some kind of identification in that video clip; almost as if calling me back to a time in my childhood where being “cool” or liking what everyone else liked mattered. It made me feel rejuvenated and free.


So I bravely but doubtfully decided to watch a full episode. It was great! All of the characters felt identifiable in some way, plus the episode had a decent plot line with excellent, feel-good morals. It had bright and inviting colors and backgrounds, plus an excellent soundtrack. It’s a very happy show and it really made me feel like an innocent child again; and maybe that’s the point.


So many grown men seem to like this because, in a society where masculinity is everything to a man, children tend to grow up too fast. Plus, not every man is going to be a stereotypical macho-type guy. These two things combined can really provide relief from the stresses of the real world, helping the people of that particular age range go back to a simpler time they had so little of and also to have a way to break free of the forced masculinity they have to portray.


Anyway, that’s how I see it. I’m turning into a brony, I’ll admit it, and I’m not ashamed. For any other bronies reading this, comment on what your opinion why so many people of such an unusual demographic like this. Oh, and add your favorite main pony, too. Mine is Fluttershy. =) For all you non-bronies, comment what your stance is on this phenomenon of the first true mass burst of males breaking gender roles.


Finally! We get to see the ARTPOP tracklist! I’m writing this in real-time as the tracks are being posted on twitter- so excited!


For those of you who don’t know, Lady Gaga is making and interesting approach to posting these – she’s having people (fans? studio members? I can’t quite get what she means in her tweets…) post pictures of the tracks from a mural that was made with the tracklist on it. She’s revealing it as I type! People are tweeting away, so here I go!


1. Aura (LOVE this song, especially the beginning)

2. Venus (Interesting title – I love Greek (this is technically Roman) mythology.)

3. G.U.Y. [Girl Under You] (I’ve been waiting to hear this song for so long!!!! The title really intrigues me.)

4. Sexxx Dreams (I remember this song vaguely from the concert… it was one of the better ones – the lyrics were interesting, but my parents would have a heart attack if they heard it! XD)

5. Jewels N’ Drugs (I only thought this song was OK at the concert. I’m not a fan of rapping.)

6. MANiCURE (I don’t remember this song too well, but I thought it was OK, I believe)

7. Do What U Want [ft. R. Kelly] (Is R. Kelly a rapper? I hope not. I’m too excited to look it up!)

8. ARTPOP (Lol, I was actually sorta distracted at this point during the concert… I think the song was pretty good. Plus, 8 is my favorite number so it’s cool that this track is the title song!)

9. Swine (This song was pretty good, if I recall)

10. Donatella (This song sounds like a song that may be more stripped-down. I hope it’s good – I go for the two extremes, acoustic and EDM!)

11. Fashion! (Is this the original Fashion, the demo song? If it is I will be sooooooooo happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that song, and I was keeping my fingers crossed for an old demo to be put onto the album!!)

12. Mary Jane Holland (Haven’t been following much about this song, I hope it’s good)

13. DOPE (This was revealed by Mother earlier today, she said it was a song to take note of)

14. GYPSY (I hope this song is good too!)

15. Applause (First single, great song!)


What happened to “Tea,” “Temple,” “Brooklyn Night,” and “I Wanna Be With You?” Hopefully they’re going to be released through the app. And doesn’t Japan get a bonus track? 


Well, that was fun! It was so exciting, eagerly refreshing the page! It felt like a game, madly searching through the tweets and avoiding the troll tweets & pics. I’ll never get one troll pic out of my head… aughhh.


One tweet was especially funny that I just HAD to quote,


 An slightly off-color remark, but SUPER funny!


What’s the song you’re looking forward to the most? For me it WAS G.U.Y, but I think I’m more excited for Fashion. If this is a completely new song, I’ll be so depressed.


Well, I should turn in for the night – as if I’ll ever get any sleep now.

PAWS UP! (“‘) (“‘)