Finally! We get to see the ARTPOP tracklist! I’m writing this in real-time as the tracks are being posted on twitter- so excited!


For those of you who don’t know, Lady Gaga is making and interesting approach to posting these – she’s having people (fans? studio members? I can’t quite get what she means in her tweets…) post pictures of the tracks from a mural that was made with the tracklist on it. She’s revealing it as I type! People are tweeting away, so here I go!


1. Aura (LOVE this song, especially the beginning)

2. Venus (Interesting title – I love Greek (this is technically Roman) mythology.)

3. G.U.Y. [Girl Under You] (I’ve been waiting to hear this song for so long!!!! The title really intrigues me.)

4. Sexxx Dreams (I remember this song vaguely from the concert… it was one of the better ones – the lyrics were interesting, but my parents would have a heart attack if they heard it! XD)

5. Jewels N’ Drugs (I only thought this song was OK at the concert. I’m not a fan of rapping.)

6. MANiCURE (I don’t remember this song too well, but I thought it was OK, I believe)

7. Do What U Want [ft. R. Kelly] (Is R. Kelly a rapper? I hope not. I’m too excited to look it up!)

8. ARTPOP (Lol, I was actually sorta distracted at this point during the concert… I think the song was pretty good. Plus, 8 is my favorite number so it’s cool that this track is the title song!)

9. Swine (This song was pretty good, if I recall)

10. Donatella (This song sounds like a song that may be more stripped-down. I hope it’s good – I go for the two extremes, acoustic and EDM!)

11. Fashion! (Is this the original Fashion, the demo song? If it is I will be sooooooooo happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that song, and I was keeping my fingers crossed for an old demo to be put onto the album!!)

12. Mary Jane Holland (Haven’t been following much about this song, I hope it’s good)

13. DOPE (This was revealed by Mother earlier today, she said it was a song to take note of)

14. GYPSY (I hope this song is good too!)

15. Applause (First single, great song!)


What happened to “Tea,” “Temple,” “Brooklyn Night,” and “I Wanna Be With You?” Hopefully they’re going to be released through the app. And doesn’t Japan get a bonus track? 


Well, that was fun! It was so exciting, eagerly refreshing the page! It felt like a game, madly searching through the tweets and avoiding the troll tweets & pics. I’ll never get one troll pic out of my head… aughhh.


One tweet was especially funny that I just HAD to quote,


 An slightly off-color remark, but SUPER funny!


What’s the song you’re looking forward to the most? For me it WAS G.U.Y, but I think I’m more excited for Fashion. If this is a completely new song, I’ll be so depressed.


Well, I should turn in for the night – as if I’ll ever get any sleep now.

PAWS UP! (“‘) (“‘)



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