My Little Pony: Expect the Unexpected

Okay, this is going to sound crazy, but hear me out.


I would be the first person to roll my eyes at someone who would have admitted they’re a brony. I would either have labelled them a troll or disturbed. I never thought that I would be one…


So here’s how my story goes. One day, I was watching a bunch of videos from a random YouTuber who reviewed TV shows. I thought his content was quality, so I went to his channel to check out more of his videos. Then I saw MLP: FiM in his videos. At this point, I decided to actually watch one of his reviews, guessing he’d deride it. It was the complete opposite! When he showed clips of the video, I really liked the characters. Their voices were all wonderfully acted, they all had personality and the dialog was fluid. Plus, I felt some kind of identification in that video clip; almost as if calling me back to a time in my childhood where being “cool” or liking what everyone else liked mattered. It made me feel rejuvenated and free.


So I bravely but doubtfully decided to watch a full episode. It was great! All of the characters felt identifiable in some way, plus the episode had a decent plot line with excellent, feel-good morals. It had bright and inviting colors and backgrounds, plus an excellent soundtrack. It’s a very happy show and it really made me feel like an innocent child again; and maybe that’s the point.


So many grown men seem to like this because, in a society where masculinity is everything to a man, children tend to grow up too fast. Plus, not every man is going to be a stereotypical macho-type guy. These two things combined can really provide relief from the stresses of the real world, helping the people of that particular age range go back to a simpler time they had so little of and also to have a way to break free of the forced masculinity they have to portray.


Anyway, that’s how I see it. I’m turning into a brony, I’ll admit it, and I’m not ashamed. For any other bronies reading this, comment on what your opinion why so many people of such an unusual demographic like this. Oh, and add your favorite main pony, too. Mine is Fluttershy. =) For all you non-bronies, comment what your stance is on this phenomenon of the first true mass burst of males breaking gender roles.