Mother Monster Is Back!

A high-pitched “AAAAAAAAAAA!!!!” Was my reaction to looking up Lady Gaga’s 4th album (I count the Fame Mons†er as one) release date for the umpteenth time and getting a satisfactory result. ARTPOP hits the shelves on November 11, 2013, but fans can pre-order it starting on the first of September. Of course, like all big artists, Mother Monster is releasing a single prior to the album’s release – August 19th, to be exact.

Now I have another artist to add to my list of upcoming albums I want: Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, Miranda Cosgrove, Avril Lavigne and Rebecca Black. Sadly, all of these artists (Besides Black, who has no release date yet) have their dates after summer, so I find myself wishing the glorious summer away!

I’m expecting big things from this album, Lady Gaga – let’s break a record and give this album SIX top-10 songs to compete with “Born this Way!”

My choice for the promo single off this album’s list is “G.U.Y.(Girl Under You).” Is that creepy, by any chance? I’m also getting good vibes from “Tea” & “Artpop(obviously).” Actually, there has been speculation that “Tea” will be the lead single for the album, for the haus have tweeted possible references to this song. Or perhaps Mother Monster will use the same formula from “Born This Way” and release “Artpop” for the lead single, as it shares its name with the album. 

Are you excited for Mother Monster’s new album? If so, what’s your favorite track? Do you have any other albums you’re anticipating? Post your answers in the comments below! =)